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Kawika Akana

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Yuri Anne Yoshizawa (Brinkman)

It's funny how time can go by and you still remember some things about people, trivial or memorable.  I will always remember Kawika for his fun and caring nature.

I had an aunt that lived at the top of the street where Kawika's family lived in Iao Valley.  It was a moderately long lane (from a child's persepctive).  He would always call her "Ba-bang" (pronounced bah-bung) or Ba-chang (pronounced bah-chung), a loose way of saying aunty, when he'd see her.  I remember he'd come by when he saw my family's car and he'd come up to the screened door and call out "Ba-bang" to see if I might be there so we could go can catch some guppies at the river, which was just beyond his house.   

More often than not, our parents didn't like us kids to go to the river because of the potential harm that could happen, but Kawika being the person that he was, always would tell my aunty and parents that it was safe because of the small tidal pools that were close to the edge of the river and that we would be able to catch a lot of rainbow guppies.  So off we went, Kawika, myself, and my brother.  After catching our guppies, we would sometimes just sit on the rocks and just talk about stuff, then either his mother or Kala, his sister (who was very young at the time) would call him home and off I went back to Aunty's house.

Although our lives took different turns, I still cherish those few precious childhood memories.

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